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About us – Art Naji

About us

Art Naji

Our story

Handmade Pottery & Moroccan Zellige Professionals with almost 90 years of experience.

From father to son the family Fakhari has kept the art of the ancient craft of pottery and mosaic (Zellige) since 1930. This family has proved throughout these years that it has a real artistic expertise in the field of pottery and mosaics.

Art Naji a name related to the authenticity, wealth, culture and tradition, a name etched in the art of Moroccan craftsmanship since 1997.

Even while being adapted to modern life, Fez has to lose nothing of its traditions neither exceeded the wonders of craft namely Zellige and pottery that makes merry refined Moroccan architecture houses which is a specific discipline and know-how of craftsmen they could learn trades in the hands of a family that has always been able to keep the purest respect for traditions and crafts, Fakhari family who also have added with great finesse a modern touch to their creations to give you the best art of pottery and mosaics.

Raw materials and skilled master artisans are the key success to create high quality products, we look for the best quality of clay in the region and outside Morocco and best quality of pigments and enamel in order to serve our experienced master artisans with these magical tools, their skill and expertise will bring major help by fulfilling the aim of the raw materials chosen in order to create valuable Moroccan tiles Zellige & Pottery of Fez made by Art Naji.

Producing any shape or pattern of Pottery & Zellige by order.
Shipping Worldwide with insurance.
The most skilled artisans in the region.
The highest quality of raw materials.
The Best quality of final products.

Morocco handmade


National Label of Moroccan handicraft “Morocco Handmade”
By the ministry of tourism and handicrafts.

What is zellige mosaic?

Moroccan zellige (also known as Moroccan tiles, zellige terracotta tiles and zellij) is a Moroccan surface covering that is more trendy than ever.

What is handmade moroccan zellige tiles history?

History – It is possible that it was inspired or derived from Byzantine mosaics, then adapted by Muslim artisans for tiles.

Zellige store ?

Create your own unique design!

All samples can have different sizes of tile pieces depending on shapes and zellij patterns, most test panels measure 30CM/30CM. Once we have the measurement you wish to order, we will provide you with the help of our master craftsmen the perfect measurements for your project.

Personnalise produit – Art Naji

How can I contact you?

On top of the page you will find a text named contact, click it and a page will open up.
Then you can see how you can reach out to us.

Are Zellige expensive?

Well, in Art Naji, we made top and on budget zellige, reach out to us for more informations.

Is zellige tile out of style?

After You read this article, you probably thinking about this question again.

What kind of tile is zellige?

Zellige are made out of non-refined natural clay which is extracted in the region of Fez (Morocco). When laid, they have a breathtaking undulating surface that almost looks like the surface of a rippling pond. Zellige are also known as Moroccan tiles, zellige terracotta tiles, or simply zellij.