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What is Art Naji?

Art Naji a name related to the authenticity, wealth, culture and tradition, a name etched in the art of Moroccan craftsmanship since 1997.

Even while being adapted to modern life, Fez has to lose nothing of its traditions neither exceeded the wonders of craft namely Zellige and pottery that makes merry refined Moroccan architecture houses which is a specific discipline and know-how of craftsmen they could learn trades in the hands of a family that has always been able to keep the purest respect for traditions and crafts, Fakhari family who also have added with great finesse a modern touch to their creations to give you the best art of pottery and mosaics.

What is Moroccan zellige?

Moroccan Zellige  (also known as Moroccan tiles, zellige terracotta tiles, and zellij) is a Moroccan surface coating that is more trendy than ever.

What is a zellige tile?

Moroccan Zellige  (also known as Moroccan tiles, zellige terracotta tiles, and zellij) is a Moroccan surface coating that is more trendy than ever.

How is Moroccan zellige made?

To make traditional zellige tiles, natural clay (usually from the area of Fez, Morocco) is mixed with water, hand-shaped, dried, and then kiln-fired, often using olive pits. Enamel glazing is then applied to the fronts of the tiles by hand.

How to install zellige?

See how it works in this video:

How to maintain the zellige?

See how it works in this video: